Warrior Covert QRL Pro Grip Int. Hockey Stick

The Warrior QRL PRO is part of the next installment of the Covert series; boasting entirely new materials; layup design; and an upgraded taper to give you a lightning quick release in an elite hockey stick. This team stick was designed to provide an enhanced shooting performance with a super low-kick quick release; lighter overall weight; and a balanced feel to maximize velocity and improve accuracy. Getting into the construction of the QRL PRO; Warrior used its well-known True 1 construction which makes the QRL PRO a seamless one-piece hockey stick from top to bottom. It has been composed of a new game changing carbon fiber dubbed Minimus 800 carbon fiber; a high strength and lightweight fiber complete with a new flat-tow 2-D weave design. This high grade carbon is woven into a visible 12K weave throughout the entire stick and is not only extremely lightweight; but helps enhance the QRL PRO's other construction technologies by maximizing the True 1's balance and feel and helping to make the Dagger Taper III more responsive. Basically; each feature of this stick compliments each other to provide a lighter; more durable and balanced stick than its predecessor; the QR PRO. The QRL PRO will feature Dagger Taper III; the next generation of Dagger Taper technology. Warrior made the top side of the taper thinner to promote more flex; while making the bottom portion a little wider to prevent any torque of the blade; this new taper is what makes the QRL PRO have a super low kick point with easy to load lightning quick release shots. For handling; the Covert line uses a traditional shaft geometry with rounded corners and straight sidewalls. It will feature Warrior's Pro grip; a nice tacky soft grip that locks your hands for optimum control in stick handling and shooting. This QRL PRO stick was made for elite players looking for a high end stick with great durability. With new superior materials and technologies; Warrior was able to produce the QRL PRO to provide a lightning

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Warrior Covert QRL Pro Grip Int. Hockey Stick Review

This is my second Warrior Covert QRL Pro Grip Int. Hockey Stick, bacause I broke the first one, and it surprised me as it did the first time. Also this time the price is much lower, thanks Hockey Monkey.

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