Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Biscuit Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Bradenton 60 X

Product Features: Manufactured by Mirabelle, a private-label brand of luxury products developed for discerning showroom shoppers Fully covered under Mirabelle's 5-year limited warranty Tub constructed of the highest quality acrylic material Alcove installation: designed for niche / alcove installs A textured slip-resistant bottom takes the worry out of slipping and sliding as you move about the tub Equipped with an overflow assembly permitting the user to enjoy a deep soak without worrying about spillage Technologies and Benefits: Premium Acrylic Material: There is a reason that all luxury bathtubs from Mirabelle are constructed of premium grade acrylic materials: it retains a glossy finish, its a flexible material so it will not chip or crack over time, and it is far lighter and easier to install than rival cast iron tubs. The acrylic used is reinforced with a fiberglass composite making it one of the strongest materials on the market. Dimension Diagram: Product Specifications: Overall Height: 20" (measured from the top of tub rim to the bottom of basin) Overall Width: 32" (measured from back most to front most point on outer rim) Overall Length: 60" (measured from left most to right most point on outer rim) Basin Width: 21" (back to front measurement of bottom of basin) Basin Length: 41" (left to right measurement of bottom of basin) Basin Depth: 18-1/2" (measured from bottom of basin to tub rim) Overflow Depth: 16-1/2" (depth of water to the integrated overflow) Maximum Capacity: 48 - gallons Drain Location: Left Variations: MIRBDS6032L: This model MIRBDS6032: This model with reversible drain MIRBDS6032R: This model with right hand drain MIRBDA6032L: Air bath version of this model MIRBDT6032L: Total massage version of this model MIRBDW6032L: Whirlpool version of this model About Mirabelle: Mirabelle is a luxury private-label brand developed by North Americas largest and most-respected plumbing distributor and showroom network: Ferguson. As a showroom line, Mirabelle products must compete in an environment where every purchase is heavily considered; showroom shoppers arent the type to take shortcuts or fall for knock-offs. For this reason, quality is the cornerstone of Mirabelles design philosophy; their products live longer in one place than most people do. And because they do not have the high marketing overhead shared by the name brands, the pricing of Mirabelle products is surprisingly attractive.

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Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Biscuit Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Bradenton 60 X Review

Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Biscuit Mirabelle MIRBDS6032L Bradenton 60 X changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 695.14 it is cool companion in our household.

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