Mini Gadgets Hc Bluetooth Hidden Camera With Dvr

Looks just like a bluetooth earpiece, no one will know that your discreetly taking color video recordings. Hiding a spy camera and microphone in a bluetooth is clever. Not only will the LED indicator alerting you to whether you're filming or not look right at home on a bluetoth device, but they give you the freedom to talk to yourself without seeming weird. Unlike some devices, fiddling with it could actually increase the illusion rather than raise suspicions. Take anywhere. The earpiece is comfortable and can be worn all day. This device small and practical device looks right at home whether worn by business people, students, educators, security personel, journalists, law enforcement, or tourists.Quality color video and audio. Records 640x480 AVI files and 1280x1024 stills.Easy to use. Charge and manage your files simply with the included USB cord. The drivers are compatible with all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Mini Gadgets Hc Bluetooth Hidden Camera With Dvr Review

Mini Gadgets Hc Bluetooth Hidden Camera With Dvr changed my view on my leisure time. Just for 77.41 it is cool companion in our household.

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