CPS LGAP5/3-3500 LGAP5/3-3500: 5 Year Extended Warranty 3 Appliance Package unde 5 year Warranty 5 Year

While no one expects a malfunction to claim the life of their product, there are customers who proactively take precautions against it and there are those who leave things to chance. Protecting your investment can save you a significant amount of time and money that may be required to restore your product's functionality to factory specifications later on. CPS is America's premier provider of service contracts, specifically designed for consumer appliances and electronics. Experience, honesty, and integrity all contribute to our company's image amongst major dealers and our industry. Please allow our experience to work for you and your product. CPS offers our cardholding members many options like Online, Phone-In, and Mail-In registration to make your life easier, unlike the majority of service contracts companies today. Should you need to make a claim or check on your claim status, Online (24 hours a day) and Phone-In (during customer service hours) options are both available. Our company takes pride in simplifying these sometimes painstaking tasks. We offer high quality service while making the customer our priority. Consumer Priority Service is here for you. Features: Unlimited Service Calls: "We are here to serve you" is not just a slogan, its means that when you need us, we are right here to provide you with the best service possible. At CPS we do not put a limit on the number of times you may call us during the life of your extended service contract. Feel free to give us a call anytime you require our assistance! Quality Repair: CPS is committed to providing outstanding repair services provided by expert technicians. Local Nationwide Service: CPS cardholders gain instant access to over 12,000 service centers nationwide that are ready to offer you the technical service expertise your product may need. Transferable: CPS service contracts are fully transferable. Whether you relocate in the U.S. or the product changes ownership, all you have to do is give us a call to execute the transfer. No repair bills: With CPS service contracts there no deductibles or hidden fees. Purchasing a contract today means that you and your product are protected going forward, CPS service contracts offer the kind of protection you can not afford to be without. Replacement Policy: If your product can not be repaired CPS will replace it with a product of concurrent features and functionality. No Lemon Policy: We want to make sure that you are happy with your product. If your product fails and is repaired, three times for the same reason, (outside the manufacturer's warranty) , CPS will replace your product. In addition to protecting you from high repair costs, CPS service contracts are designed to make any repairs you may need for your equipment hassle-free. Many times equipment can be repaired in the convenience of your own home. However, in the event that repairs cannot be safely made on-site, or if you are not located within 60 miles of th

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CPS LGAP5/3-3500 LGAP5/3-3500: 5 Year Extended Warranty 3 Appliance Package unde 5 year Warranty 5 Year Review

I'm looking for few new rear projection tv replacement lamps from shop Build.com. I have in home CPS LGAP5/3-3500 LGAP5/3-3500: 5 Year Extended Warranty 3 Appliance Package unde 5 year Warranty 5 Year and it's fantabulous . I prefer similar rear projection tv replacement lamps from CPS.

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