APC AR8571 Cable Trough

Racks and enclosures house more equipment today than ever before. This rise in equipment densities has increased the need for an organized cable management system both inside and outside the rack. Poor cable management can not only lead to damaged cables or increased time to add or change out cables, but can block critical airflow or access. This can lead to inefficiencies in the performance of your equipment or even downtime. These accessories offer the proper cable management options to meet varying needs. Solutions range from simple cable management rings, to vertical or horizontal organizers, to troughs and ladders. APC AR8571 Cable Trough is one of many Cable Management available through Office Depot. Made by APC.

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APC AR8571 Cable Trough Review

APC AR8571 Cable Trough is just amazing. For 149.99, it's unrivalled fiber optic products.

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