American Standard 3151.201.CR White American Standard 3151.201.CR 52

Product Certifications: Products with the Arthritis Foundations Ease-of-Use Commendation are tested and proven to make daily tasks easier Product Features: Covered under a lifetime door seal, 15 year shell, 10 year component warranty Warranty includes in-home service (best in class) Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America Walk-in type tub - deep (twice the depth of traditional tubs) and roomy for warm soothing soaks Integrated double-seal door - seals via large, easy-swing lever Includes built-in safety grab bar - sturdy, secure, and in-reach 17" chair height built-in seat is easy to get in and out of and is contoured for comfort 8" step into the tub Combination Air Bath / Whirlpool tub; legendary massage jetted action with soothing heated air bubble action Alcove Installation: designed for niche / alcove installs; the three closed sides include a tile flange, open side includes the door and walls leading down to the floor Constructed of ultra-durable Gelcoat composite (resin based) Surfaced with the industry's best strain-blocking high-gloss finish Tub proportions and contour designed by industry leading ergonomics engineers Slip-resistant flooring - textured finishing technique applied Tub waste (drain) is included Faucet not included - please select a roman tub faucet of your choice To allow flexibility, tub deck is not pre-drilled with faucet holes - drilling holes to suit your faucet selection's specifications will not void warranty Luxury Bathing Experience: By combining Air Bath and Whirlpool technologies within a single tub, American Standard Combo tubs are at the pinnacle of the hydrotherapy market. During each bathe, youll have your choice between the two following systemsor run both at the same time: Air Bath: A unique form of hydrotherapy, Air Bath systems disperse millions of heated air bubbles through release points surrounding the perimeter of the tub. As the bubbles gently break against your skin, the full-body experience is like being lightly caressed all over. Air Baths are warm, calming, and spiritual. Whirlpool: Legendary for a reason, Whirlpool systems push air-induced water through strategically placed jets to target muscles that hold tension. They are so effective at relieving tension that theyre widely used in sports and rehabilitation medicine. In the home, they provide for a retreat and relief from stress that is unlike any other. Technologies / Benefits: Simple Controls: A single button turns the whirlpool system on and off, while a dial operates the whirlpool system power. Another single button operates the entire air bath system. Perfectly simple. Comfort Jets: Unlike other whirlpool jets that are uncomfortable to sit against, Comfort Jets sit flush against tub wall, matching the contour and ergonomics of the tub. These widely acclaimed jets push a broad, low-pressure stream of air-induced water in a circular motion, stretching further into the bath and

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American Standard 3151.201.CR White American Standard 3151.201.CR 52 Review

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